[Owner] Watah OWNER posted Apr 8, 17

Please vote on our latest poll #3 as of 4/13/17 on types of mod combinations to potentially have added to the server!

Please click the link below and vote!

[UBER] TeaKitten UBER I honestly hope another mod isn't added, as my laptop is an old man and can't take more than one mod.

April Competition

[Owner] Watah OWNER posted Apr 7, 17

This month's build competition theme is 


The prizes are as following

1st Place

5,000 credits + Color Rank + $2,000,000 in-game cash

WINNER: SavvyRoseCodes + Dovahkip

2nd Place

3,000 Credits + $1,500,000 in-game cash

WINNER: SydbuscusTaco

3rd Place

2,000 Credits $1,000,000 in-game cash

WINNER: Lilypup54

RUNNER UPS 4-6 will receive 500,000 for efforts

Here's how to join the competition, go to /warp competition and ask an admin/moderator to give you a plot, or let them know if you're planning to build on your own land.

*Competition Ends: 4/30/17*

Have fun!

[Pro] Eden12310 P When on another server you built a giant boat with rainbow wings and dragons and everything, you no longer want to build...

New mods?

[Owner] Watah OWNER posted Apr 3, 17

If you want new mods added to CreatureCraft, please go vote for your favorite mods on our mod addition poll

Or if you want a different mod, post a link below the poll

The Server Is Back Up!

[Mod] Horsey tagGod posted Mar 22, 17

Hey everyone, thank you all for being so patient. The server is now open, and everything has been saved! Have fun :)


[Owner] Watah OWNER posted Mar 20, 17

Whenever maintenance is occuring, don't worry about it nyall

Just come join us on our temp server at

[GM] lilypup54 GMC It whitelisted ;-;