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Discussion about general topics.
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Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!.
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By [Pro] Eden12310 P Dec 18, 14
This forum is for competitions hosted by your very own CreatureCraft team
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Why should you be unbanned?
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Post pictures of you pets and animals here :)
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By [TF] BunnyRigg TerraFormer Jan 25, 16
Do you like a certain plugin? Tell us about it!
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By [TF] CallMeEv TerraFormer Jun 24, 17
Report players or staff members who are abusing there powers or privileges.
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The Extra Section
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By [Member] Butterscotch21 Mo
Butterscotch21 @ CreatureCraft.Us
Oct 11, 17
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You can auction off your most prized or most esteemed animals that you have!
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By [GM] Briocko GMC Sep 2, 17
Share your shop and tell us why we should shop there!
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By [GM] Mister_Bald GMC Sep 17, 17
Kingdoms, Towns and Teams
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List of the current kingdoms and their descriptions.
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List of the current towns and their descriptions.
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List of the current teams and why you should join them!
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Official news and announcements.
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By [Elite] AnyaMae E Feb 20, 17
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By [Mod] Nathan4568 tag Dec 17, 17
Think you're a good artist/web designer?
Show me that you're good by posting banners and server related art for our page
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Where all the closed threads come to die.
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By [GM] Luna_122 GMC Nov 29, 15
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